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Hearts to host RTU at Sogakope:

Hearts to host RTU at Sogakope:

The Ghana Premier league resumes this weekend, and we take on RTU at the Sogakope Wafa Park, our newly adopted home grounds as the Accra Sports Stadium still remains unavailable. The stadium is one of the venues to be used for the upcoming All-Games event. 

The team has been in frantic preparation towards the game against RTU and are working hard to change the narrative when it comes to games against our rivals from the North. 

This time, our first match of the first round will be played at the Sogakope Wafa Park on Sunday and even though we will be playing away from our usual base at Accra, we count on the ever present Phobia family to throng the WAFA Park and offer their support to the team as we begin the second phase of the Premiership campaign.

If the first round fixture didn't go in our favour, then we must let the return fixture count, and for that to happen, we desire the collective effort of all to make our second round positive.